Economic, Enviromental and Social Advantages and Disadvantages of Global Warming

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  • Winter Heating costs will go down 
  • Windier Weather may provide additional power for wind farms
  • Intensive agriculture will be able to spread further north into Scotland


  • Increased demand for water in hotter summers will put added pressure on water supplies
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  • New crops such as grapes, olives, oranges and peaches may be able to grow in southern England and conifer trees will thrive in Wales and Scotland


  • Sea levels could rise by 26-86cm by 2080 in the south-east causing flood threats in low-lyng coastal areas and cities such as London. Coastal habitats such as salt marshes will also be affected as sea levels rise 
  • Norfolk Broads, worth £5million as a tourist destination may become flooded. Coastal erosion on soft-rock coastlines, such as Norfolk, will increase
  • Broad-leafed trees could suffer in drought conditions, especially in Wales
  • Droughts and floods will become more likely as extreme weather events become more frequent
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  • Increased length of growing season increases farming and food supply
  • Less snow and ice at winter = less transport problems


  • warm climate diseases such as malaria may spread to the UK
  • More heat-induced deaths particularly among the elderly
  • Scottish Ski Resorts may have to close as snow becomes less common
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Patrick I


You never hear about the advantages of global warming - thanks for this!

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