Dulwich Upper Wood Conservation Area

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Dulwich Upper Wood Conservation Area

  • Located in south-east London - a 2ha remnant of a much larger wooded area
  • Species in the wood:
    • Trees include sycamore, oak, ash, yew, chestnut and lime
    • Most ground shaded so few plants apart from shrubs
    • Ancient plants e.g wood anemone and bluebells
    • Over 250 types of fungi - help with decay of other plant material
    • Mammals such as foxes, bats and mice
    • Over 40 species of bird
    • Many insect species
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Dulwich Upper Wood Conservation Area

  • Why is it interesting?:
    • Conservation of Victorian gardens and ancient woodland
    • Number of habitats such as a pond and coppiced areas
    • Site is managed in some areas but left to grow wild in others
    • Plenty of wildlife
    • 'Original' habitats preserved - public access allowed through a network of trails
    • Educational value 
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