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Ecosystems: Change and Challenge

Ecosystems: Change and Challenge

The Nature of Ecosystems

An Ecosystem is defined as `a living system of plants and animals which interacts with its environment. They can be looked at
on any scale and a biome is an example of an ecosystem on…

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Ecosystems: Change and Challenge


Temperature ranges from 5 ­ 17 in Winter and Summer
500-2,000mm of rain per year, varies seasonally
Low pressure systems
Westerly winds


Broadleaved deciduous trees are the dominant species ­ shed their leaves
There is a series of seres evident with…

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Ecosystems: Change and Challenge

Great animal migrations occur meaning that biodiversity drops at certain times
40% of the land in Tanzania has been designated as a National Park to help conserve biodiversity
African Elephant, Black Rhino, Zebra and Cheetah are endangered

Ecosystems on a Local Scale


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Ecosystems: Change and Challenge

Ecosystems Issues on a Global Scale

Human activity can have good and bad impacts

Biodiversity is the number of different species within an ecosystem. the more the better as a general rule. as a whole the
planet has huge biodiversity which has decreased…

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Ecosystems: Change and Challenge

Variety of different species would please bird watchers etc.
Some parts are managed and some are left to nature meaning that there is a range of different habitats
Educational values with nature trails.


Central Amazon Conservation Complex

The destruction of the…

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Ecosystems: Change and Challenge

Community Wildlife Management Areas have been put in place around the Serengeti to encourage the locals to make
decisions about the wildlife. This is hoped to reduce poaching. The nomads way of life is being threatened as the population
grows rapidly there is…


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