Drugs in Sport

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  • Medicines relieve the symptons but won't kill the pathogens.

A good medicine is:

  • Safe
  • Stable
  • Successful in and out
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Drugs- Definition

  • A drug is a substance that alters the way in which your body works.
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Drugs in Sport

Drugs in sport are performance enhancing thinkgs like anabolic steriods they can lead to :

  • Muscle cramps
  • Heart slowing down too much
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  • Drugs will lengthen a professionals carreer
  • More world record would be able to broken (making the sport more exciting)
  • Makes sports easier and therefore more accsessible
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  • Disqualifiction will ,most likely, happen
  • If you take certain drugs your heart can slow down too much and this can put a strain on your heart
  • Muscle cramps can happen when too much lactic acid builds up in your mucles
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