Biology: Medicines and Drugs

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  • Medicine and Drugs
    • Medicines
      • Make people better.
      • Thalidomide
        • Sleeping pill
        • Can control morning sickness in pregnant women
      • Double blind trail
        • Doctor nor patient knows who is given a drug
      • Satins
        • Drugs which lower the amount of bad cholesterol
      • Tested on animals in labs
    • Drugs
      • Illigal
        • Recreational drugs
      • Heroin and Canabis are Recreational drugs.
        • Addictive
          • Withdrawal symptoms
            • Have cravings for more of the drug
      • Canabis
        • can cause mental illness
        • Bought from dealers.
    • Medical Drugs
      • Used to control disease or help people that are suffering
      • Nicotine and caffeine
        • Legal, but can cause health problems
          • Lung cancer and headaches
    • Drugs in sports
      • Steroids
        • Builds up body muscle
        • Increase stamina
      • Storng pain killers
        • Ignore pain and causes more servere injury
      • Unfair for those who dont take drugs


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