Medicine + Drugs

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  • Medicine + Drugs
    • Developing new medicines
      • Placebos do not contain the drug.
        • Used in trials
      • double blind trial- doctor nor patient know who is given the placebo.
      • Thalidomide was developed as a sleeping pill.
        • Controlled morning sickness
          • Pregnant women used it and babies born without limbs.
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    • How effective are medicines?
      • Satins- drug which lowers bad cholesterol
      • St John Wort is used to treat depression.
    • Drugs
      • Recreational Drugs- used for pleasure i.e heroin
      • Withdrawal symptoms take place when try to stop addictive drugs.
    • Drugs in sport
      • Steroids are drugs which build up muscle mass.
      • Using performance enhancing drugs can damage the body.


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