Do TV and video games affect young people's behaviour? C2

research methods and studies

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Content Analysis as a research method

Content Analysis is a research method used to measure the number of times a behaviour or event occurs within one or several forms of media.

1. decide on what aggressive behaviour is
2. make a list of behaviours or categories that could be neaseured as aggressive
3.  decide on the sample being studied (what tv prog or adverts? what time of day?)
4. Tall (count) the times aggression occured 
5. Assess the reliabilty of their results

good content analysis depends on looking at a good sample of programmes, books etc, time of day or type of programe which could lead to a BIASED sample.
Watershed (9pm) could result in more aggressive programms
a poor sample could be the findings will be unrepresentative.

Each researcher has theire own viewsand this means the results of a study might not be reliable. 

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