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· Explain aggression using the SLT
· Find out the link between playing
video games, watching TV and
aggression.…read more

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Social Learning theory as an explanation of aggression
Observational Learning: Modelling:
When children learn through watching other people as Observing, identifying with copying the
we teach children the basic skills first. Child remembers behaviour of a role model.
and copies act and tries it themselves - Observational learning can take place without
modelling. We can learn from it as we see it.
Role Models: It has 4 steps:
The person we observe and learn from.
- Celeb/Hero/Parents/Teacher - Attention: Paying close attention to
- Can model by copying actions, appearance and/or person being observed
personality - Memory: being ale to remember what we A
have seen until it is needed
Identification: Moment
- Reproduction: Being able to act out what Replaced
When we adopt behaviours, attitudes and beliefs of role model.
we see ­ modelling (w)
- We're more likely to follow a person who is attractive or has something
common to use like age and gender
- Motivation: The incentive to copy what Me
- Role models are those who are like us and those we look up to. has been seen.
- Allows us to do what we can do.…read more

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Social Learning theory as an explanation of aggression
Identification: - Humans more likely to imitate if we find reward
Vicarious Learning
in it.
When we adopt behaviours,
- We learn from fortune or misfortunes of others
attitudes and beliefs of role
model. - The reward we see others receive motivates us to
- We're more likely to copy too.
follow a person who is - Vicarious punishment: Not demonstrating or
attractive or has copying behaviour of someone who was
something common to punished for what they did.
use like age and gender - Albert Bandura (1960) FOUND: children likely
- Role models are those to copy adult with bobo doll if they get rewarded.
who are like us and those - If adult was punished, child wouldn't copy.
we look up to.
- Supports idea that children CAN learn
- Allows us to do what we
can do.
- FOUND: boys more likely to copy physical
aggression than females.…read more

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Do children copy TV and video games?
SLT can say that children do copy the TV.
Violence occurs if a violent TV or video game is played for a
child who is not suitable to watch it.
Some do, this can be noticed in their behaviour for a few
minutes watching them play. You can sometimes tell which TV
or video game they watch.
Children imitate what they see on TV as they think they can do
the same.
If the characters are rewarded, children will copy as they think
they will be rewarded too in similar way.…read more

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Evaluating Social Learning theory as an explanation of aggression.
Identify the strengths and weaknesses!
Bandura's theory supports SLT because...
FOUND: Children copy aggression.
Tragedies(school shootings) are linked to TV & Video game violence.
Could be naturally aggressive. Many children watch Difficult to study
Watching violent TV
So TV and video games Video games but observational learning
and V.G can lower
doesn't affect them in any don't copy it. becoz modelling may
aggression becoz it
way. Aggressive children take place a long time
acts as release for
watch aggression on TV and after it has been
natural aggression.
play V.G and not be affected. observed or may never
take place at all.…read more


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