Scene 1: Jan and Mark- audience discovers that someone is dead- put straight into the action

Scene 2: Leah and Phil- she talks in the style of a monologue as phil is not answering and just eating.

Scene 3: John tate tries to ban the use of the word 'dead'. He is talking very quickly and is flustered by the situation that the audience still do not know much about. Richard threatens his leadership. Jan and Mark arrive and begin to recount the events that led to Adam's death- they repeatedly say that Adam was l'laughing too' or 'in stitches' to relive themselves from blame. They ssy how Adam stole vodka, burnt his own socks, stubbed out cigarettes on himself and then walked accross the grille where he fell as a stone was thrown at him. The scene ends with Phil instructing the group on how to frame a non-existent person.

Scene 4: Leah's bonobos monologue- to try and get Phil's attention but he just continues to eat(again)

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Scene 1: Jan and Mark- learn somebody is 'not going' - again leaving the audience not knowing everything and Jan and Mark introducing the next issue.

Scene 2: Leah and Phil- Leah is still trying to get his attention and is talking at him about happiness.

Scene 3: We learn that the police have found somebody matching the description that Brian gave as Cathy decided to get DNA from an ACTUAL postman with bad teeth and that there were 'quite a few to choose from'. Brian refuses to go to the police station and identify the man as he doesnt wish to lie but then when Phil threatens to take him to the grille so he will 'rot on top of Adam's corpse' 

Scene 4: Leah tries to get Phil's attention by getting dejavu and trying to predict what Phil will do(eat and do nothing) she tries to say a bird will land next to him but it never does.

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Scene 1: Jan and Mark talk about someone being found. This is referring to Adam.

Scene 2: Leah again tries to gain Phils attention by threatening to leave. He does not respond to her threats.

Scene 3: The group discover Adam who has been living in a hedge and living off of dead animals. He cant remember much (head injury) and is clearly loosing his mind.Phil sends Lou, Jan, Mark home and then instructs Cathy to kill Adam through sufffoctaion and demonstrates how to carry it out on Brian (who is also clearly loosing his mind and is on medication).

Scene 4: Leah & Phil- Leah doesnt speak to Phil and he offers her a sweet to reconcile with her but she spits it out and storms off. Phil finally shouts at her but it is too late.

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Scene 1: We learn from jan and Mark that someone has 'gone' this is Leah.

Scene 2: Richard tries to persuade Phil to join the group again but he doesn't want to. We hear what has become of the rest of the group.

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Leah speaks mainly in monologues and without much thought.

When she is with Phil she does all she can to gain his attention- threatening to kill herself, talking about sex and even answering for him.

She is overbearing.

Even though she talks the more than Phil, Phil's silence is more powerful and he is still the one in control.

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Phil does not talk much but when he does it is purposeful and meaningful so he is always listened to and his instructions are followed.

His scenes with Leah revolve around him eating and not taking much notice of her attention seeking.

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John Tate is in charge at the start but is clearly flustred by the situation. He tries to ban the word 'dead' to gain back the control that is slipping away from him. His leadership is maintained through fear and he is annoyed to find out that Lou is only scared of Richard (who challenges his leadership).  He only appears in Act 1 scene 3.

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Lou is unasssertive and speaks simply- so seems like she is younger of more immature than others in the group.

She is controlled by fear- when John asks who she is scared of she says John and 'maybe Richard' which begins the confrontation between John and Richard as John panics that his leadership is threatened.

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Cathy is not emotionally affected by the situation and instead thinks it is exciting and wants to have the chance to appear on TV.

She is feared by the group as she was once heard to have 'cut a first year's finger off'

Cathy also uses her 'initiative' to find a postman who matches the fake description and does not see the issue or panic like any ofthe others.

She is the one who has to suffocate Adam- Phil trusts her with doing this or knows she wont be emotionally affected like the others.' 

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Brian is the group's weakest link and is often made to complete tasks others dont want to do or ones that need someone who looks like he will be believed. Brian spends most of his time crying.

He is easily threatened into doing things, for example Phil threatened him with the same fate as Adam if he didnt lie to the police.

Out of everyone he is the one who feels worst obout the situation and doesnt want to lie.

"I can't face it. They look at me. They look at me like I'm lying and it makes me cry. I can't stand the way they look at me. And then, because I cry, they think I'm telling the truth, but I'm crying because I'm lying and I feel terrible inside."

By the end Brian is on medication as he cannot cope.

"brian is off his head"

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Jan and Mark are always together and begin each act with telling the audience what is going on.

They (like Lou) speak in simple short sentences in their duologues- younger, more immature

Often ask questions to try and make sense of events and reiterate to the audience what is happening. They also finish eachother's sentences.

Jan and Mark arent very involved with the lying and trying to cover the situation up- is this because they cant be trusted?

They are the ones who give the description of how Adam fell through the grille. In their description of events they try and pass on the blame by saying that he was laughing too and that it was Adam's choice:

JAN: Let us punch him. MARK: he was laughing JAN: In the face. MARK: He was laughing. JAN: at first MARK: Yeah, at first he was, I mean we took it a. bit far, alright, half hour, forty minutes 

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Richard challenges John Tate and is one of the more powerful group members at first.

Richard doesnt like following others instructions and complains when having to take Brian to the police station- "not me again"

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Danny has aspirations of being a dentist and does not want to get caught up in anything that will affect his chances of being accepted into dental college. he is the most sensible character and is concerned about the repercussions.

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Adam was clearly peer pressured into taking part in the activities that culminated in him walking accross the grille.He took part in these as he was willing to do anything to be part of the group, and they saw thatand pushed him to see how far he would go.

"He'll do anything to be part of the group"

When discovered by the others he is loosing his mind and has been living in the hedge. Adam has suffered a head injury so doesnt remember much.

Cathy kills him.

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When most of the group are present scenes take place in a clearing in the woods- this is an isolated and secluded area away from the town so that there is no risk of others finding out.

Leah and Phil's scenes take place on a field- perhaps this is supposed to be more romantic however ironically nothing romantic ever happens between them.

Jan and mark's scenes occur on a street and consist of short sentences/phrases to throw the audience into the action.

Each of leah and Phil's scenes are focussed around an unrelasted subject to try and get Phil's attention. However some of the monologues e.g bonobos could reflect to bullying nature of the group.

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Bullying is a clear theme as Adam was peer pressured by the group it is also touched on in Leah's bonobos monologue as well as the threats to Brian when he tries to refuse to lie to the police.

Responsibility is also a theme as many of the group were trying to pass the blame -Jan and mark- and also none of them can back out of the situation as they all fell partly responsile for Adams death. theses feelings of guilt and partial responsibility lead the group to attempt to cover the events to help others and themselves.

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