Dizzee Rascal Dream


Screenshot Analysis

  • The pastel coloured blocks at the strat of the video look like they're from a nursery, this is a use of intertextuality as it's based on a children's TV show called Muffin The Mule. Having this included in the music video isn't typical of the rap genre as the music at the start of the video is a nursery rhyme.
  • The woman playing the piano looks like she is from the middle class, this is shown through her being well dressed, and having a piano in her home- people from working class families wouldn't be able to afford a piano as a luxery item. She also speaks very formally. The binary opposite of good and bad are also used as this woman is shown to be a well-respected good person and this is later juxtaposed when the puppet gang are shown to be committing crimes so they are shown as being bad people. 
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Screenshot Analysis 2

  • Dizzee coming out of the 'Jack-in-box' represents the childlike behaviour and innocent nature of what it's like before being exposed to society and the negative impacts it can have on a person. Dizzee wearing a hoodie also has connotations that he is a stereotypical youth, which is then juxtaposed against the fact that he is coming out of the box as an innocent person.
  • The image of the different social groups within society, it shows the stereotypical teenagers committing a crime and a homeless man on the street. This juxtaposes with the woman at the start of the video as she represented the middle class whereas this man represents the working class. There is also graffiti on the building which helps to show the teenagers in a bad light. 
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Screenshot Analysis 3

  • This scene also shows becoming successful as he is performing to an audience, the fact that he is still wearing a hoodie shows that the representation of him hasn't changed but the stereotype has been challenged because people think that youths can't become successful. The fact that all the other people are at Dizzee's perfromance shows that music can bring different classes together and they are all shown to be happy and are dancing; which also shows that although stereotypes are apparent they are not necessarily true and can be easily broken. 
  • The scene of Dizzee stood with the puppets and policemen juxtaposes a previous scene, as the police and teenagers were fighting, this has now been challenged because they are all standing together. So, it shows that sometimes the police can be quick to judge but that they are on society's side too. They are also smiling and talking to one another using informal language which shows that slang is widely used, it also shows that they get on with each other.
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