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  • Distribution and Exchange - XL Recordings
    • Online
      • Their website - you can buy artists material, mp3 download, CD and they do vinyls but not all artists have vinyls
        • Can also buy merchandise T-shirts but not a wide range
        • Can see new and coming soon materisl
        • Saves the audience time going to physical stores who may not have the CD, especially the more niche artists like Slgur Ros
        • $8 to buy dizzee rascals boy in da corner to download and $12 to buy the CD. To buy you register and then you chose the currency you use
          • The website is in dollars. XL recordings is a british independent record label, founded in England, UK, but is based in London, New York.
      • Social networking sites - smaller bands to show people their music to listen to, this is then hoping more will go to their gigs - build up a fan base - produce CDs that will sell
      • Smaller bands heavily rely on downloading - not a big enough fan base to profit from CDs
      • XL Recordings has a deal with itunes, the biggest online store at the minute. Artists music can be purchased on here
    • Physical retailers
      • HMV sell most of the bigger artists such as Tylor the creators album goblin for £10.99, but can't buy this ablum in Tescos
      • Tescos sell ADELE's album 21  for £8.00 and in HMV for £7.99
      • Larger bands benefit from downloading and CD sales as they have a large enough fan base to make profit


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