Dream representation

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  • Dream representation
    • Social and Cultural Context
      • white middle class woman reflects 1950s Britain when positions of power belong to hegemonic social groups.
      • Relation to concerns about antisocial behaviour amongst inner city youths. Hoodies have become a symbol for rebellion and antisocial behaviour.
      • 1950s  references create a sense of distance so audience view video as an allegory and see extreme stereotypes and explore contemporary issues.
      • Social Groups
        • The pianist is constructed as a stereotypical 1950s middle class white woman.
          • creates humor through shock and disapproval in facial expressions
          • her horror when helicopter flies past connotes stereotypical British reserve, dislike invasion of space and antisocial behaviour.
          • reinforces dominant ideology, approval (smile) of positive elements of the narrative
          • Fulfills a matriarchal role and patronizing mode of address. "hello boys and girls"
        • Many stereotypes created through puppets to create recognition and convey messages
          • Youths- have no purpose, skateboarding graffiti,steal tv
          • Scots character- red hair + tartan constructed as drunkard
          • Police officer- brutal white baton-wielding male, beating a youth
        • Dizzee Rascal is constructed as as a rebellious young black male
          • Later in video, youths also partake of more creative & less destructive behaviour making him a role-model
          • as narrative progresses, a more positive representation is constructed as he describes his hard work and achievement
          • appears as a stereotypical defiant youth who challenges authority-"reckless with no shame"
          • positive representation of young black rapper challenges negative stereotypes
    • Theories
      • representation (Hall) constructs puppet characters as stereotypes to demonstrate that these stereotypes misrepresent individuals from these groups
      • Postcolonial (Gilroy)
        • white matriarchal children's tv presenter and young black male 'rascal'
        • narrative embeds positive messages and values, successful rapper and subverting negative stereotypes, but female is in control depend on her endorsement of album
        • Shocked facial expression implies that society us still not fully integrated


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