CharacteristicsOfDisorders- AnxietyDisorders

Definition- Continuous feeling of fear/axiety which is disabling and can impose on daily functioning. Anxiety or phobias are persistent and can involve objects or situations. Can be triggered by something seeming trivial to others. 

ICD characteristics- Diagnostic guidelines: - Psychological or autonomic symptoms must be primarily manifestations of anxiety not secondary to other symptoms such as delusion.- phobic situation avoided where ever possible 

DSM characteristics- Persistent excessive or unreasonable fear. Exposure envokes immediate panic response. Phobia lasted over 6 months in those under 18 - Disrupts normal daily life.- Avoid where possible

Both avoid in diagnostic guidlines
DSM offers time frame.

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CharacteristicsOfDisorders- Affective disorder

Affective disorders are disabling moods preventing induvidual leading a normal life.
E.g Depression. A depressive disorder is an affective disorder that involves the body, mood, and thoughts. It interferes with daily life, normal functioning.

ICD characteristics- Loss of interest/ enjoyment, possible self harm, lack of self confidence, disturbed sleep, pessimism. Differentation between mild, moderate and severe depression is based on clinical judgement based on number, type and severity of symptoms. Time scales for each severity e.g mild depression mimum 2 weeks.

DSM characteristics- (for major depression)
5 or more of the following symptoms over 2 weeks: LIFT
Lack of concentration
Feelings of worthlessness

Sim-  time frames diff- clinician more control ICD, must have 5 symptoms

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CharacteristicsOfDisorders- Psychotic Disorders

Psychosis is the general term for diorders involving loss of contact with reality. Often characterised by delusions/ disorganised speech or behaviour. 

Schizoprenia- postive symptoms: delusions & auditory hallucinations, thougt disorder. Negative symptomes name due to loss of absence of normal characteristics- e.g loosing emotional resposnes, lack of motivation

ICD characteristics- minum of 1 very clear symptom or 2 is less clear from symptoms or negative symptoms. E.g Delusions, auditory hallucinations. Must be clearly present or 1 month or more
ICD notes 10 subtype of schizophrenia 

DSM characteristics- 2 or more symptoms present for significant portion of time during 1 month. E.g Delusions, Hallucinations, Negative Symptoms
5 subtypes of schizoprenia.

Sim- symptoms msut be present for time period.

Diff- ICD more subtypes 

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Last 2 subsections

EXPLANATIONS OF DISORDERS: same as dysfunctional behaviour

TREATMENTS OF DISORDERS: same as dysfuntional behaviour

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