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  • Jesus calls the disciples to which they react immediatly
  • They give up their jobs, lives and families
  • nature of discipleship= sacrifice!!
  • Disciples are to : be with jesus, preach and to help people
  • Sending of the 12- not to concentrate on physical possesions
  • How discipleship affects christians today- preach and care for others, not to worry about material things(if we concentrate on god he will take care of us), we should not worry if people do not accept what we have to say.
  • Sending out of the 12- Jesus sends out the 12
  • No food, no money
  • Just a staff and sandals
  • Told to preach, teach and cast out demons
  • "put your faith in god and he will provide you with providence"
  •  True family of jesus- there is a cost to discipleship you could lose your family but you will have a new family
  • You have to put God first
  • Suffer for god!
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