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  • discipleship
    • disciples were told to leave or sell all their possessions so they can follow Jesus.
    • disciples can only take a pair of clothes with them.
    • A discpile should do everything Jesus tells them to do.
    • Nelson Mandela is a fine example of showing discipleship.
    • Disciples get a free pass to heaven however because they have helped god.
    • Peter showed how to not be a disciple by helping the Romans.
    • Even if you are rich you are still in society.
    • Jesus helped a tax collector become a good man again.
    • Types of love
      • Eros
      • Storage
      • Philia
      • Untitled
    • Yous should treat others how you want to be treated.
    • The Greatest Commandment: LOVE
    • Fr. Kolbe
      • He gave up his life to save another man.
      • he  forgave the sins of all the other men in the cell with him.
      • Fr. Kolbe was the last to survive.
      • He did the ultimate sacrifice.


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