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Diffusion - the net movement of molecules and ions from a region of their higher concentration to a region of their lower conentration down a concentration gradient, as a result of thier random movement

The higher the temeperature, the faster particles move

Living organisms obtain many of their requirements by diffusion (e.g photosynthesis, gas exchange, digestion) 

It describes the movement of particles in fluids (liquids and gases)

All paricles move randomly because they have kinetic energy 

Diffusion is an example of passive transport (particles move down the concentration gradient)...because of this, no energy is required as a result of the random movement of particles

The larger the surface area of a membrane that a substance is diffusing through, the aster the rate of diffusion 

The concentration gradient is linked to the difference in concentration between two areas 

The higher the temperature the faster the rate of diffusion 

The greater the distance a substance has to diffuse accross, the more time taken 

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