Gas exchange, Osmosis, active transport and diffusion

Mindmap about unit 1.2, diffusion and Osmosis and active transport

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  • Gas exchange and that
    • Diffusion
      • Greater difference in conc faster rate of diffusion
        • Tea in water diffuses faster than tea in tea-ish water
      • Goes from high to low conc
        • Basically it spreads to where it isn't
    • Osmosis
      • Basically Diffusion
      • happens through partially permeable membrane
      • Only with water
      • Isotonic- conc of solutes inside= conc of solutes outside
        • Hypotonic- conc of solutes inside> conc of solutes outside
          • Hypertonic-conc of solutes inside<conc of solutes outside
    • Key terms
      • dilute- lots of water, not much sugar
      • Concentrated-Lots of sugar, not much water
      • Solvent- water
      • Solute- sugar
      • concentraation gradient- barrier between different concentrations
    • Active transport
      • Physically moving substances across the membrane
      • More respiration= more energy= more active transport
      • Moves substances from low conc to high conc.
        • Going AGAINST the conc gradient
          • Opposite to diffusion
          • minerals can be absorbed from very dilute solutions
            • Very important to plants
      • This is how materials are moved across gut linings in the intestine
    • In multicellular organisms
      • In animals
        • Alvioli- large surface area- more active transport
        • Thin membranes- short diffusion path
        • Small intestine- Villi & microvilli= large surface area
          • Nutrients absorbed here go into blood- transported round body
      • In plants
        • Root hair cells- large surface area= lot of active transport.
          • Lots of them
        • Root hair cells under soil, leaves over it= best of both worlds


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