Osmosis and diffusion active transport

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  • Movement of water from high concentration to low through partially permeable membrane. Down a water gradient
  • Occurs in plant cells if their surrounding solution is more dilute that liquids inside cell.
  • This causes the cells to:-

Swell up if solution outside cell is more dilute than the liquid inside cell.

Shrivel up if solution outside cell is less dilute than liquid inside cell.

The cells become hard and rigid-TURGID

If water leaves cell through osmosis, cell becomes flaccid and gives no support. Eventually cytoplasm shrinks away from the wall.

Cells become plasmolysed-cell membrane has come away from cell wall.

Example of osmosis: if a red blood cell was placed in water, it would swell up and burst. This is because the water outside the cell moves down the concentration gradient into the cell.


  • Diffusion is


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