Different Christians dominations - Attitudes to the role of women

Different Christians belief on whether women should be priest or not

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  • Do not think women should be priests or bishop
  • Women and men are equal but different
  • They have different qualities and characteristics
  • Therefore they are suited to different jobs
  • Male characteristics mean they are strong leader
  • Female characteristics mean they are suited to pastoral roles e.g. praying for people and looking after the sick


Jesus had 12 male disciples - these disciples became the first leaders of the Church. This shows Jesus intended mean to be leaders of Church

In the creation of the Genesis, God created men first then women. This shows the mean are head of women.

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Church of England


  • Allow women to be priest but not bishop
  • Some argue women should not be priests but instead be bishops
  • They believe women and men are equal


  • St Paul said men and women are "one in Christ" so men and women should have equal opportunites
  • There is evidence that women had position of authority in the Church
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Free Church


  • Women are allowed to be ministers
  • They believe Christanity should adapt to social changes


  • In Genesis, God made men and women both "in his image". This suggests equality
  • Although there are 12 disciples, 60 others follwed Jesus around. Many of them are women
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