Role of the Men & Women

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Role of the men and women Traditional Christians therefore should have equal roles.
The Bible teaches that everyone is believe that men should take a Responsibilities to work and to
equal. However, some teachings leadership role in society. look after the home should be
seem to be more traditional attitude The Catholic Church teaches that shared. Women are just as
to the role of women for e.g: `Adam although men and women are equal talented as men and should be
was created before Eve' they have different roles. They point able to take leadership roles on
Other Bible passages seem to out that Jesus' main disciples were society. Most Protestant Churches
support a more modern attitude to all men. Today only men are allowed allow both men and women to be
the role of women for e.g: God to be Catholic priests. Catholics priests. They point out that Jesus
created human in his own image' believe that when the priest had women disciples and that he
On one hand, some traditional celebrates Holy Communion he treated women with great
Christians believe that the husband represents Jesus; it would be respect. It is significant that the
is the head of the household. He has disrespectful for women to take this first person he appeared to after
responsibility to provide financially role. On the other hand, other his resurrection was a woman.
for the family whilst the role of his Christians take a more modern
wife is to look after the home and approach to the role of men and
the children. women believing that they are
completely equal and


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