Religion, Huma Rights and Social Justice


Equality: Prejudice and discrimination

Prejudice = an idea or attitude that one person holds which affects another person. often based on steriotypical views

Discrimination = action based on predudice 

Positive Discrimination = Treating people more favourably because they have been discriminated against in the past 

Christianity teaches equality

'Do to others what you would have them do to you' is a fundemental part of Christian teaching.  Beliefe that everyone was created equal

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Christian views on homosexuality

The old testament says "Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detstable" however christians do not believe that they have to obey all the laws that are there for the jewish community. 

However in the new testament it says "neither the sexually immoral nor idolatoers nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offender... will inherit the kingdom of God" this shows that homosexuals will not go to heaven. 

However christians are often deliberating if to follow these rules:

- Liberal christians, would argue that the bible was written a time when christians didnt understand- and so they think as long as relationships are commited any are okay. 

- Evangalists, would say the bible says it is wrong so it is wrong. or being homosexual isnt wrong, doing homosexual things are. 

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Christian views on the roles of women

The bible was written in a patriarchal society, and so suggest dominance of males. however nowadays many people say this needs reinterpreting.  

in the new testament Jesus treats women as his equals. "there is neither Jew nor Greek, male nor female; all are one in christ Jesus"

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Islamic views on the roles of women

Men and women are all equal to god. "anyone, male or female, who does good works and is a believer , will enter paradise"

Muslims believe they were made for different purposes, men provide financial needs and women looks after the home and children. women can work the money they earn i considered as theirs. 

Because of demanding roles of women they are not expected to attend the mosque five times a day. however when they do attend prayers they do so in a seperate room to the men. 

The role of a man is supposed to be only fufilled by a man, but women can do so if no man is present. 

There are muslim laws to protect women, such as covering with burquas, or single sex schools.  

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Christian views on racism

Christians believe no race is more importants than the other , and they are all equal to god. however there has beeen conflicts over this eg. in south africa.

many have campaigned to stop racism such as Martin Luther King 

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Christian views on wealth

In the old testament weath is a blessing from God "the lord will grant you abundant prosperity"

However the new testament teaches that having wealth is not wrong it is how you use it and if it comes between your faith (the story of job). "it is easier for a camal to fit through the eye of a needle,for a rich man to enter heaven"

Christians should use their wealth to help the poor as in the sheep and the goats. 

This is also shown in the parable of the rich man and lazarus, where the rich man goes to hell when he doesnt help lazarus. 

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Islamic views on wealth

Zakah is one of the five pillars of islam, that every muslim should follow. this says that 2.5% of your yearly wealth should go to charity, if over a minimum threshold. 

Sadaqah is also a type of charity, with no minimum amount of effort.  

When muslims help others they try to give it to have a long term effect. as they believe wealth is given by Allah and is a test so should try to help themselves or others depending on the situation. 

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Poverty & wealth in equality

Wealth inequality is a big problem, the gap between teh richest & poorest is huge.  Poverty is defined as not having enough resources to meet basic needs, e.g. food & heating 

Poverty has many causes. In Uk most poverty comes from being unemployed, low paid, low skills relying on benifits, or debt from high inteerst loans. Wroldwide poverty is caused by things like war, rapid population growth & expolitation

Christians belive what you do with you money counts.  Money should only be earnt in moral ways, i.e. not crime or firms paying unfair pay. 

Charity is also important, and helping people to break out of poverty and trying to be self suficent. Christians also believe what you give ins't important, as give what you can.

Charity is one of the five pillars of Islam

  • Zaka, 2.5% of yearkly wealth to charity
  • Belive that wealth is given by Allah, so should use it to help other.
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