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Paper and Board

Paper is good for drawing/sketching, printing on a normal colour school printer, cutting, scoring and making perforations on.

Paper is normally up to 200gsm. anything above this is card/board. (gsm=grams per squared metre).

Card/board is used to mount things on or as a protective material for whatever is inside it (if there is).

Cardboard is often made from recycled paper and from sustainable forests. Paper and cardboard can also normally be recycled even after its use, which is what makes it such a popular packaging material.

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Thermosetting Plastics: Ones that once moulded, cannot be remoulded.

Thermoplastics: Ones that are moulded by heatign and if heated again, they can be remoulded.

Line bending which is idealy used for acrylic.

vacuum Forming idealy used with polystyrene(rigid).

Blow Moulding is a two part mould to make simple hollow objects like containers for liquids.

Extrusion is for making simple, regular shaped items like drain pipes/guttering etc...

Injection Moulding is ideal for making complex and highly detailed components. E.G. model kits/seats.

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