Deontological ethics


Deontological ethics

  • Deontological Ethics are based on what it is our duty to do
  • They are absolute, objective theories since if it is our duty to do something, all people must always do it
  • Natural Law is an example of a Deontological theory
  • God has written into nature what is right and wrong
  • He gives us reason to identify Natural Law and this gives us the Primary Precepts
  • These are absolute and unchangeable and it's our duty to follow them
  • Kantian ethics is also Deontological 
  • Kant said we had to follow them moral law
  • Doing this involved acting with good will
  • This meant doing our duty which is discovered through the Categorical Imperative
  • 'Ought implies can'
  • Deontological theories give us a clear code which we can judge people's actions against
  • It is easy to apply due to the unchanging nature of it
  • It is intuitive for people that certain things are always right or wrong
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