Cult Of Stalin

The Cult Of Stalin

1.Origins of the Cult - 1924/1929

  • Marxist-Lenisms
  • After Lenin's death - Stalin made himself appear as a hardworking man of moderation
  • displayed as a disciple + servant of the party 
  • "Stalin is the Lenin of today" 
  • Tsaritsyn renamed to 'Stalingrad'

2. Cult Underway - 1929/33

  • for his 50th birthday he received greetings from organisations which didn't even exist
  • portrayed as Lenin's faithful pupil
  • Length of applause got longer -> people were scared to be the first one to stop
  • Portraits of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin appeared on special occasions - he was next in line
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The Cult Of Stalin pt.2

3. Cult fully established - 1933/39

  • Stalin's image is used to reasure people they've got a strong leader - helped them get through the Great Terror
  • he published 'History of the All-Union Communist Party' (1938) - History was interpreted in Stalin's favour
  • 'all-powerful leader'

4. Height of the Cult - Post 1945

  • his image was seen everywhere
  • portraits of him now show him as God-like solitude, superior
  • 70th birthday - extreme - continued on for 3 years (1949-1951) everyday with greetings/galas
  • childhood home became a shrine/holy
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