How did Stalin get rid of his rivals

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  • How did Stalin get rid of his rivals?
    • Stage One:  power base & Trotsky
      • a) Stalin was GENERAL SECRETARY
        • Only accepted those loyal to Stalin
          • These voted against Trotsky in all meetings- isolated.
      • b) 1923-5 United with Kamenev and Zinoviev against Trotsky
        • K&Z accused Trotsky of forming a faction against NEP
        • Ridiculed Trotsky's idea of 'World Revolution'
          • Stalin promoted 'Socialism in One Country'
      • c) Lenin's Funeral
        • Trotsky had been ill and missed the funeral (fault of Stalin?)
        • Stalin turned event into huge propaganda
          • Stalin= chief mourner
          • Trotsky not even there
      • d) Cult of Lenin
        • Stalin decreed: New leader should be the closest to Lenin
        • He created a cult (Leninism)
        • Published fake picture of himself and Lenin (BFFs!!!)
      • e) Foundation of Leninism
        • People only read what Stalin agreed with (because he wrote it)
        • Book of simplified ideas of Lenin published by Stalin
      • f) Suppression of Lenin's will
        • In 1923 Lenin wrote that Stalin should be removed
        • Trotsky highlighted as perfect leader
        • K&Z persuaded Central Committee to not publish it
      • 1925: Trotsky removed from Red Army and Commissar of War
      • 1926: Trotsky expelled from Politburo
    • Stage Two: Kamenev and Zinoviev 1926-7
      • 1. K&Z decided that they didn't like the NEP and sided with Trotsky
      • 2. Stalin united with Bukharin, Rykov and Tomsky against them
      • 3. K,Z&T accused of forming faction
      • 4. All three shouted down by Central Committee
      • 5. Stalin launched campaign against them
    • Stage Three: Bukharin 1928-9
      • In 1927 there was shortage of grain
        • many people were against NEP
      • Stalin turned against B and NEP
      • Adopted policy of growing industry quickly
      • B removed from politburo and Party in 1929
    • Stage Four: actually getting rid of them
      • Trotsky exiled in 1929
      • Trotsky murdered in Mexico in 1940
      • Kamenev, Zinoviev and Bukharin shot in purges 1936-8


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