to do with how humans are damaging the environment and how we should conserve

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  • every species has a value and has its right to survive!
  • humans have ethical responsibilities to look after the  evironment and living things

however, these arguements are subjectable because the governemnt are more likely to listen if there are economical reasons. 

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Economics and social reasons

Direct economical value of species

  • provides valuable food sources 
  • plant speices can be used in drugs
  • natuaral predators of prey can act as biological control agents

In direst economic value of species

  • insects can pollinate plants 
  • ecotourism and recreation have social and financial value from the aesthetic value of living things (e.g. an industry in books, film and media)

however, preservation can maintain biodiversity even better !

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Why is conservation important?

it maintains biodiversity = (keeping things natural), maintaining diversity between specises, genetic diversity, variety of habitats, and ecosystems.

things that threaten biodiversity:

  • over exploitation of resources like cod in the North sea
  • habitat disruption from increased agricultural practices
  • species introduced to a different ecosystem to their own and may out- compete native species
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