Biology- Balancing the conflict between conservation and human needs, Maasai Mara

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  • Maasai Mara
    • Why is there a conflict between conservation and human needs?
      • High endemic poverty with abundant wildlife populations
        • Need to develop conservation-compatible land use that rewards locals financially while conserving the ecosystem
    • How are they balancing conflict?
      • Creation of national parks since 1945
      • In 2005, Maasai Mara reserve formed conservancies to generate tourism income.
        • Partnerships have developed payment for wildlife conservation (PWC)
          • Conservancies are paid PWC revenue proportional to land set aside for conservation.
        • Positive social outcomes and positive conservation outcomes
    • Negative consequences
      • Land-owners must move livestock out during tourist season
        • Increased stocking densities outside the reserve where no PWC money is received
    • Positive consequences
      • Livestock can have a positive impact on diversity
        • Given how important livestock are in maasai culture, continue to integrate conservation and livestock management more directly


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