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Here are some As Computijng Flash cards for the first module!!

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Components of a Computer System

  • Hardware (3.1.1) 
    • "If i threw it at you it would hurt" - Mr Gristwood
    • Physical Component
    • Input
      • Chosen for their ease of use and their purpose
      • Used so that the computer can be told what to do
      • Used so the computer can be told  what data to use
    • Storage
      • Used so that the computer can remember what to do when it is turned off
      • Can also be used to store SOME data depending on the size
    • Output
      • Any Device used to communicate a process through the computer
      • Can be used to display what has been done by the computer
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Components of a Computer System

  • Software (3.1.2)
    • Actual Programs or software that a computer system uses
      • Systems software -
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