Computing comp 2 Computer systems

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input methods and devices

  • What is an optical mark reader?
  • What is and optical character reader?
  • What is a magnetic stgripe reader?
  • What is a smart card reader?
  • What is a radion frequency identification reader (RFID)?
  • What is a bar code reader?
  • What is a flatbed scanner?
  • What is a fingerprint scanner?
  • What is a retiana scanner?
  • What is an iris scanner?
  • What is  a mouse
  • What is a keyboard
  • What is a touch sensetive screen?
  • What is a graphics tablet?
  • What is voice recognition?
  • What is a digital still camera?

output methods & devices

  • What is a VDU?
  • What is a cathrode-ray tube?
  • What is


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