Types of Drawings

These are all the types of drawings

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Freehand Sketching

Freehand Sketching: the spontaneous representation of ideas on paper without the use of technical aids

  • often includes annotations
  • used in the early stages,
  • quick but not very accurate
  • easy for the client to understand the basics


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Orthographic Drawing

Orthographic Drawings: a series of flat views of an object showing it exactly as it is in shape and size

  • shows details and dimensions thus could be used as a production drawing
  • always to scale and are produced at the final production stage
  • used in the realization stage


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Isometric Drawing

Isometric Drawing: a 3D representation of an object drawn with the horizontal plane at 30 degrees to the vertical plane

  • used to communicate the proposed solution in 3D
  • the isometric lines are angled at 30 degrees
  • could be produced by traditional drawing instruments as well as CAD


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Exploded Isometric Drawing

Exploded Isometric Drawing:an isometric drawing of an object with more than one component that depicts how the parts of assemblies fit together.

  • shows the components and the sequence of assembly
  • could be used for a manual for assembly


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Perspective Drawing

Perspective Drawing: A 3D drawing that realistically represents an object by utilizing foreshadowing and vanishing points.

  • take into account spatial arrangement
  • very realistic
  • create illusion of depth and distance
  • used to convey information to non technical people


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