Topic 1: Design Process

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Topic 1: Design Process

1.1.            The design cycle model and the design process


1.1.1       Describe how designers use design cycle models to represent the design process:

·         The cycle is used in varying ways – simple and/or complex

·         A systematic cyclical process à eventually produces a solution to a problem.

1.1.2       List the stages in the IB design cycle model (DCM)

·         6 stages:

o   Identifying or clarifying a need or opportunity

o   Analysing, researching and specifying requirements

o   Generating ideas and solutions

o   Developing the chosen solution

o   Realizing the chosen solution

o   Testing and evaluating the chosen solution

1.1.3       Describe a design brief (It is the stage where the design spends the most time with the client)

·         The design brief = the formal starting point for a new design. It is a statement of the expectations of the design.

·         Doesn’t provide the design solution…but is a statement that sets out:

o   The design goal

o   The target market

o   The major constraints

o   The criteria by which a good design proposal may be achieved (for example, increased value for money and/or cost-effectiveness for manufacturer).

1.1.4       Describe the identifying or clarifying a need or opportunity stage of the IB design cycle model

·         Listing a concise brief…fulfilling all of the above factors of what the brief requires

1.1.5       Describe a design specification

·         It justifies the precise requirements of a design. It will include a full list of the criteria against which the specification can be evaluated. (Must, should, could)  - Ergonomics, health and safety, aesthetics etc.

·         It needs to be explained in relation to the design brief.

1.1.6       Describe the analyzing, researching, and specifying requirements stage of the IB design cycle model:

·         In the start of everything there’s the initial specifications….then it all ends with the PDS (product design specifications)

·         Variety of sources to answer the brief

·         Balance between qualitative and quantitative, primary and seconday

·         Research


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