Cold War Section 4.

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What is a cold war?

A cold war is were you are not aloud: Fighting, There is a arms race, each side is trying to prove their ways are better and both sides spy on each other.

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Who was there? Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill.

Japan to be attacked by Ussr once Germany is defted.

Untited nations organisation.

Divded Germany.

Eastern Europen goverments to have free eections.

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Sighns of tension.

Rosevelt died.

Nuclear bobs are in America but Russia doesn't have any.

Russia was keen to make Eastern Europe communist.

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Japan attacked as planned.

Anything of value to be taken from Germany as respractions.

Nuremburg trials set up and Nazi parties banned.

Eastern border polond moved.

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Beginning of the cold war.

-Churchill using the term iron curtain (1946) as the border between east and west europe.

-In response Stalin says Churchill is just like Hitler.

-The long telegram.

-Stalin speech says he is to destroy capatalisum and build arms.

-The novikan telegram.

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Truman doctrine.

-Americans supported anticommunist forces in Greece. Britian had run out of money.

-It offered ecomic and militray help given to any country threatened by communist countrys.

-America stop being issolationists.

-Containment, they want to contain communisum.

-End of alligences an start of cold war.

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Marshall aid/plan.

-13billion given to europe this was to: -Stop people turning communist. -They had to buy goods from America.

To get money they had to join the OEECD.

Stalin refused, He stopped all easten europe countrys joining.

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What did Stalin do?

Between 1947-49, eastern europe became a satalite state.

-Coniform.. (1947)
-Organise communist activities across europe.
-Stamped out opanistion eastern europe.

-Communist verson of marshall plan.
-Wanted to stop eastern europe trading with western europe.
-Eastern europe didnt get westerns money.

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Berlin blockade.

(1948-1949)-Causes: Bizonnia- USA and Britian joined zones together.
-New currency called (DM).
-Stalin wants them out mainly because its making him and conisum look bad.

(1948-49)-Key features: Cut all of the transport links into west berlin.

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