The Yalta Conference

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  • The Yalta Conference - The Cold War
    • Agreements -
      • Stalin would enter the war against Japan
      • Germany was to be divided into four sections: American, French, British and Soviet
      • Berlin would also be divided into the same four zones
      • They would hunt down and punish war criminals who were responsible for genocide
      • Germany would be able to choose it's own government through elections
      • The Big Three would all join the UN
    • Who, when, why
      • 1945
      • The Big Three: Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt
      • Germany was losing WW1 and so the Big Three got together to decide Germany's fate.
    • Disagreements
      • Poland -
        • Stalin wanted the border of the USSR to move into Poland
        • Churchill and Roosevelt were worried about the Soviet sphere of influence
        • They agreed to let him to avoid Stalin interfering with the British troops in Greece
    • Behind the scenes -
      • The Big Three didn't trust each other at all


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