Cold War


Nato 1949

What was Nato?

  • A defencive alliance against The Soviet Union
  • A security pact with Article 5 stating that a military attack against any countries would be considered an attack against them all. 
  • It was formed because the Western countries feared that they would not match the USSR's power

Orginial members-

  • Before 1952:
  • USA,UK,Belguim,the Netherlands,Luxemburg,France,Canada,Portugal,Italy,Norway,Denmark and Iceland
  • 1952:
  • Greece and Turkey
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The Warsaw Pact 1952

What was the Warsaw Pact?

  • The Soviets response to West Germany joining Nato 
  • USSR saw Nato as an agressive alliance 
  • Soviet made tanks, aircraft and guns were used throughout the Warsaw Pact
  • military command was dominated by decisions made in Moscow

Original members -

  • Soviet Union
  • Albania (until 1968)
  • Czechoslovakia 
  • East Germany (until 1990)
  • Hungary 
  • Poland 
  • Romania 
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