Co ordination of society

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Early measures to help peasants

  • Sept. 1933: The Reich food estate set up by Darre: Regulates agriculture, control prices and wages and sets production quotas.
  • As a result, farmers overall income increased by 41% between 1933 - 36
  • Reich entailed farm law: protect smaller farms. farms of around 30 acres were 'hereditary' and could not be divided on the death of the farmer, instead, it was passed to the eldest son
  • Introduction of protective tariffs on imports
  • reduction on mortgage payments to encourage farmers to stay on the land.
  • Generous grants for improvements


Economic objectives always took priority over ideology like 'blood and soil'

Hopes of farmers and peasants were largely not met.

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Criticisms of Nazi policy toward peasants

  • Enforced petty rules resented by farmers
  • Controls on sale of produce imposed on choice of crops
  • Entailed farm law applied to only 20% of total farms
  • Money allocated to clear debts (650,000 RM) mainly went to larger farms
  • Agricultural wages never kept up with industrial workers
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Conformity and resistance by 1939: Evidence for

  • Absence of widespread or serious opposition
  • A series of plebiscites in the 1930's saw the Nazis obtain 90% of total support

Reasons why there was conformity and support:

  • Popularity of some policies
  • the effectiveness of propaganda
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Non conformity and resistance by 1939

  • There was a fair amount of civil disobedience. (refusal to give the Nazi salute, anti Nazi jokes, refusal to hang flags from homes etc.) in the 1930's
  • SOPADE and SD reports indicate people did not wholeheartedly support the regime.
  • Lack of opposition WAS NOT evidence of consent: there was an extensive apparatus of terror that made people fear speaking out.
  • Plot to remove Hitler by General Beck in 1938
  • Assassination attempt by George Elser in 1939
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