direct democracy and representative

Direct democracy is when people vote on a policy directly ie like a one subject referundum.

Representative democracy is when people vote for representatives who then vote on 

policy initiatives .

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What is the difference between front & back bench?

The spokespeople (more important) will often sit at the front of their group and are known as 

front bench.

Those sitting behind are known as backbenchers.

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Where does the money come from to fund government

Most of it comes from taxation 


-shopping (value added tax)

-road tax 

-savings etc 

-poll tax (houses )

-corporate (companies)

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What is the difference : a green & white Paper

A green paper is a presentation of a range of ideas.It is created to get individuals or groups to

add their own views or add information.

If the green paper is successful it maybe followed by a white paper which is an official set of

proposals for the government to make into laws .

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What is the difference between the cabinet/ shadow

A cabinet is the high ranking heads of departments and state officials .

Members of the cabinet are usually called ministers or secretaries .

The shadow cabinet is the group of politicians who are not in power and hold the opposite posts to the cabinet. Each minister has a shadow minister.

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What is the British constitution ?

The United Kingdom constituion is composed of the laws and rules that create the institutions  

of the state, regulate the relationships between those institutions, or make rules between the

state and the individual.

These laws and rules are not put in a single ,written document of codes .

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What is devolution ?

Devolution is the statutory delegation of powers from the central government of a sovereign

state to govern at a sub national level. Wales and Scotland often want devolution from England .

Devolution is a form of administrative de-centralization .

Centralization is when all government is held centrallly in one place. 

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What is Black Rod ?

Black Rod is an official in the parliament of several Commonwealth countries .

The position originates in the House of Lords of the parliament of the United Kingdom.

He marks the ceremonial opening of Parliament 

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Give one reason why you might not be able to vote?

In UK you must be 18 years old

You must be a citizen of United Kingdom

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What is the first passed the post?

First passed the post means the candidate with the most votes wins ,even if it is one vote more.

(Per area  - per seat)

One advantage is that it is easy to understand 

A disadvantage is that it is often described as unfair (because it does not always reflect the  

popular vote ) and the sum of the seats does not reflect the views of the voters .

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What are the checks and balances put on parliament

Voting has to be democratic and passed by both Houses .

This gives a good check to laws passed . In addition parliament is a democracy so MPs can be lobbied by its constiuents .

Reviews can also happen within parliament such as select reviews .

Laws are often subject to legal intervention aa well to check they are lawful 

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