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The Sancity of life

  • special value of every persons life. Christians believe that all human life should be respected as a gift from God
  • "life is always good"- Pope John Paul
  • all life is sacred
  • God made us in his image
  • every human life has a divine purpose
  • every life is to he respected
  • only God has the right to take life
  • direct taking of life
  • violation
  • Christians have a duty to protect life
  • "you created every part of me"- Psalms 139:13
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  • at 16 weeks the baby is able to feel pain
  • PRO LIFE- people who argue against abortion
  • PRO CHOICE- people who argue for the rights of women able to have their own choice
  • an abortion is a deliberate termination of a pregnancy
  • in england abortion is legal up to 24 weeks, the point of viability
  • if the mother was sick or could become ill
  • if there was a risk that if the child was born, it would be disabled
  • if 2 doctors agree
  • there is no age limit for abortion
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Why do women have abortions?

  • they become ill which can put the child's life in danger
  • the woman may have been a victim of **** which means they wouldn't want to keep it
  • the woman/ family might be unable to care for the child properly
  • the child may have extreme learning difficulties or abnormalities
  • the fear of parents reaction
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Views on abortion

  • if the woman becomes ill, putting the baby at risk
  • pregnancy is a result of ****
  • parents are unable to care for it
  • child may develop server disabilities
  • woman have rights to their own boddied
  • "lesser of two evils"
  • Christians believe that only God can take life away
  • at 16 weeks the baby can feel pain
  • "do not kill"
  • in the eyes of God, life is sacred
  • the church of England shares beliefs with the Roman Catholic Church
  • there is not line in abortion saying one side is human and the other not
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  • not having sex
  • the Rhythm method: getting to know the womans menstrual cycle and having sex when she cannot conceive
  • the body functions method: getting to know the womans temperatures and mucous levels and having sex when she's less likely to get pregnant
  • the Catholic church agrees with this
  • condom: creates a physical barrier
  • the pill: creates a chemical barrier
  • emergency morning after pill: can be taken after sex and prevents the egg from sticking in the womb
  • church is against this becuase it prevents new life
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  • LOUISE BROWN: first IVF baby
  • God asked for human beings to be made "go forth and multiply"
  • some Christians argue that if no embryo is destroyed than IVF is okay
  • some Christians believe argue that IVF follows Jesus' healing
  • infertility can cause sadness and depression
  • all couples should have the right to having children
  • embryos are destroyed "do not kill"
  • couples can put themselves forward for an adoption of a child
  • IVF is expensive
  • IVF separates the creation of new life from intimate act of sex
  • children are gifts not rights
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  • Daniel james
  • comes from 2 Greek words meaning "good death"
  • euthanasia is illegal in the UK
  • it's legal in Holland and Switzerland (dignitas clinic)
  • voluntary: where a person suffering has asked for or consented to euthanasia
  • non voluntary: where the persons consent cannot be given, for instances if they are in a coma
  • involuntary: this is killing a person against their will for some social or medical justification
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Views on euthanasia

  • for compassionate reasons animals lives are ended so why not humans
  • we should have the right to chose our own time and nature of death
  • if the person is suffering greatly and their is no cure, the quality of life is poor
  • if a person doesn't want their family to see them in suffering
  • every life is sacred
  • God has a purpose for everyone
  • "life is always good"
  • God can only take life
  • in suffering, people come closer to Christ
  • "do not kill"
  • home to those who are terminally ill
  • alternative to euthanasia
  • lets people die naturally
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Anointing of the sick

  • the dead are not annointed
  • offers spiritual strength
  • gives them courage to face their illness
  • offers forgiveness for sins
  • helps them overcome fear of death
  • may make them physically healthy again
  • brings them the power of the Holy Spirit
  • "even though I walk through the shadow of death, I fear no evil; for you are with me"- Psalm 23:4
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The Rite of anointing of the sick

-1. Sprinkling of the holy water: a reminder of the persons baptism
-2. Liturgy of the word: short gospel reading and shows the healing power of Jesus
-3. Laying of the hands: symbolsies giving of strength and the Holy Spirit
-4. Anointing of the oil: anoints the head and hands which follows the instructions of St. James. The oil symbolises Gods blessing and healing
-5. Liturgy of the Eucharist: brings the person closer to Christ

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Life after death

  • consequence of sin: the Bible suggests that death is becuase of sin
  • transformed by Christ: although there is death, it's not the end becuase Jesus has opened the gates to heaven
  • resurrection and new life: Christians believe that after they die they will resurrect and have life after death
  • judgement: Christians believe that they will be judged on how well they lived their life
  • purgatory: when a Christian dies they may still have sin and need to be purged of this sin before they can go to heaven
  • heaven: when a soul is free from sin they can go to heaven
  • hell: being on existence without God
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Death rites

  • VIATICUM (before death):
  • communion is given to the person close to death
  • it reminds them that Jesus' death was followed by resurrection

-1. Vigil: this may be at home or in a church and its where the family or friend can watch over the coffin "wake"

-2. At the church: the coffin is placed on the altar and sprinkled with holy water. The mass will continue as normal and last prayers are said for them

-3. At the graveside: they can be buried or cremated. Prayers are said and the person is sprinkled with holy water again

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