Mark's gospel conflict and argument - Christians today

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Jesus heals a paralyzed man -

  • Christians believe that the authority to forgive sins and heal, that was given to the disciples by Jesus, stills remains in the church
  • catholic priests have the authority to hear people's confessions. They then can forgive this person
  • Christians believe that Jesus, as part of God, still has the power to heal people
  • Christians believe that the church can also heal people. This can be a problem because some people are healed while others are not

Disagreements about the Sabbath -

  • Some Christians believe that you should not work on the Sabbath while others believe that you should, but do not have to keep this law strictly but it still should be different from other days
  • Human need is more important than keeping religious laws.

The Trouble with the Law - 

  • Christians believe that every human being, whether Christian or not, should be treated with respect
  • the Christian faith should have nothing to do with anything that abuses or misuses another person for profit or greed because these things separate people from God and from each other

Jesus predicts his passion -

  • Christians believe that God knows everything that has happened and everything that is going to happen.
  • Christians see Jesus' predictions of what was going to happen as further evidence that he was God's son

Jesus Enters Jerusalem - 

  • Fulfilling old testament prophecies about the Messiah and as showing who Jesus was
  • Jesus was treated as a king when he entered, many Christians see this as making Jesus approachable and humble and a role…




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