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Many Christians believe that it is acceptable to
drink in moderation (a controlled amount).
They point out Jesus drank wine in the Bible
and that wine is used in Holy Communion to
represent the blood of Jesus. However, they
should be careful not to get drunk as these
results in a lack of self-control and can lead to
immoral and sinful behaviour. `Do not get
drunk on wine which leads to debauchery,
but instead be filled with fruits of the
Spirit'. However, some Christians choose to
abstain from alcohol they believe that alcohol
clouds the judgment.
Use of alcohol in worship Christian Responses to Drug
Both Catholics and Protestants) use alcohol in Addicts
the Holy Communion services to represent LOVE and FORGIVENESS are at the
Jesus' blood. This is because at the last heart of Christians ethics. Therefore,
Supper before his death, Jesus shared a cup of for many Christians drug addicts are
red wine and said `This cup is the new not people to be ignored by society
covenant in my this in but helped and healed. Christians look
remembrance of me'. However, some up to Jesus as a role model and often
Christians choose to use non-alcoholic wine in ask themselves. Jesus spent time
the Holy Communion. with outcasts of his society and
healed the sick.


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