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Christianity in the Media…read more

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Censorship: the control of information that is released. This
includes removing any material that may be seen as
Role Model: Someone worthy of imitation.
Obscenity: An offensive or indecent word or phrase.
Freedom of Speech: The freedom to express your opinion
publicly without fear of punishment.
Desensitised: To become less sensitive to things.
The Media: Communications e.g radio and television,
newspapers and magazines, that reach or influence
people widely.
Blasphemy: Swearing against God.…read more

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Different forms of media...
TV, magazines, radio, film, computer games etc.
Some religious groups welcome the use of media, they
feel modern technology can improve quality of life and
Some also see media as an opportunity to spread their
teachings on a world wide scale.
Some have mixed feelings about it.
When a Christian is trying to form an opinion on something
they may:
Look to the Bible.
Seek advice from the Church and Elders.
Pray to God and ask for guidance from the Holy Spirit.…read more

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Influence on the Family...
A lot of Christian families are concerned of the
content of many media forms.
Most Christians in the UK will use media, but
choose what to use carefully eg. They may limit
the time they watch TV and be careful not to
neglect Church on a Sunday.
Christian parents may only allow their children
to watch and read certain things that do not
promote the wrong values for Christians eg.
Sex before marriage and use of drugs.…read more

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Alcohol, drugs and the Media...
The regular use of alcohol in the media is another area
that many Christians will disagree with.
Many Christians who belong to the Protestant
Evangelical groups will be teetotal (never drink
alcohol). The Church will use teachings about alcohol
to apply to drug abuse too.
Selfish enjoyment is a false pleasure according to
Christianity and Christians disagree with all forms of
addiction as it would imply that the person is placing
something before God; 'You shall have no other Gods
before me'.…read more

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Role Models and the Media...
Christianity believes that the media tends to make false
idols for people- for some this is them breaking the second
commandment that tells them not to make any idols or
worship false images.
Some are concerned with the fact that celebrities may
have a bad influence of people, especially children.
Others accept that having a hero to look up to is a part of a
young person's life and the Christian life style will allow
that person to rely on education, family and values to help
them have a sensible attitude towards role models.
'What good will it be for man if he gains the whole world,
yet forfeits his soul'. This suggests that one should not give
up morals and values.…read more

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