Christian views on love, marriage and divorce

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Types of love

Philos - love between friends, sometimes called platonic.

Eros - romantic, sexual love. Usually starts by being attracted to someone. (Homosexual relationships as well as hetrosexual)

Agape - love between a person and God. Known as the highest and purest type of love.

Storge - love of your family. Either from a father/mother to their children (unconditional love). Or between siblings.

Love of things - 'I love your jacket' or 'I love playing football'

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Christians see marriage as a ceremony where vows and promises are made in the presence of God.

Christians believe marriage is a "gift from God"

They believe the purpose of marriage is to procreate (men and women were created to have children).

Order of service:

  • Hymn
  • Opening statement
  • Declaration
  • Promises or Vows
  • Exchange of rings
  • Proclamation
  • Prayers for the couple
  • Register is signed (by couple and witnesses)
  • Closing worship
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Jesus' teaching in the new testament is against divorce.

Many churches allow divorce but the marriage can only be ended by an annulment granted through the Roman Catholic Church. This is then seen as the marriage did not take place. This happens if the bride/groom were forced into marriage.

For example if they were; drunk/drugged, mentally ill or cannot have sexual intercourse.

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Quotes on Divorce

  • "to love and to cherish, till death us do part" - Christian Prayer book.

If a couple divorce, they are breaking this vow.

  • "what God has joined together, let no man separate" - Christian Prayer book.

Marriage is a sacrament. What God has done, cannot be undone.

  • Forgive us our sins as we forgive, those who sin against us" - The Lord's Prayer.

The Church of England and the Methodist church teach that people can be given a second chance. They both therefore sometimes allow remarriage in church.

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Christian attitudes to civil partnerships

They will not call it a marriage because in law, marriage is between one man and one woman.

Christians have different responses to civil partnerships.

  • Traditionalists believe it is wrong and should never be allowed.
  • Liberal (modern) do accept it and although won't hold the ceremony itself, some vicars/bishops will give the couple a bessing after their ceremony.

The Catholic Church does not accept civil partnerships or homosexuality.

Methodist, Quakers and Baptist churches accept homosexuality and support them as they would anyone else. They do not see being homosexual as doing any wrong. They believe Christianity is for all and no one should be isolated for their gender or sexual orientation.

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