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  • Relationships (unit 1)
    • Commitment:Making and keeping a promise
      • Chastity: Decision not to have sex before marriage.
        • CHRISTIANS TEACHINGS:Monks take vows of it and remain chaste for lives.Sex is a gift from God and should be treasured.
      • Conflict:Working against each other rather then in unity.
      • Love:A deep affection and express it through words and actions
      • Reconciliation:Apologise or say sorry and become friends again.
      • Responsibilities:Duties you should carry out.
    • LOVE
      • AGAPE: Unconditional love
      • PHILIA:Love of friends and family
      • EROS:Physical or sexual love.
      • STORGE: Love of objects and animals.
    • Contraception:
      • CATHOLIC VIEW:It is wrong,only God should decide when life is created
      • PROTESTANT VIEW:Birth control is acceptable because god has given man a free choice.
    • DIVORCE:
      • CHRISTIANS:  Nowadays allow divorce,solemnly in certain situations i.e ****, Adultery.
      • HINDUS:Highvalue of marriage but is recognised marriages don't always work.Divorce only for adultery,cruelty.
        • CHRISTIANS:Cant marry in roman catholic church, 'UNTIL DEATH DO US PART'
      • CHRISTIANS:Marriage between a man and womanchurch.'TO LIE WITH ANOTHER MAN AS YOU WOULD A WOMAN IS AN ABOMINATION.'
      • HINDU:No mention is scriptures.A taboo subject.


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