Child Development.

Key notes on Child Development.

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Family Types.

Nuclear Family.

Single Parent Family.

Extended Family

Childless Family

Same Sex Couple Family.

Compound Family.

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Differences In Families.


Style/ Clothes.






Family Size.


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Reproduction Male Organs.

Testis- Produce testostrome and sperm.

Scrotum- Bag of skin which testicles hang in, to keep the cool.

Vas Deferens- Sperm duct, tube that goes to urethra.

Prostate Gland + Seminal Vesicals- Add the fluid to the sperm (energy).

Urethra-Transportation out of the body.

Penis-Places semen inside the vagina.

Foreskin-It covers the tip of the penis also it is removed in circumsision.

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Female Reproductive system.

Uterus-Increase from 30g to 1kg in weight during pregnancy, very muscular walls.

Endoetrium-Lining of the uterus, and it is where the egg implants, If no implantation it comes away as a period.

Fallopian Tube-The link between the ovary and the uterus, where fertilisation takes place.

Funnel-It has a job of catching the released ova (egg) by wafting.

Ovaries-They produce the eggs and make the hormones,ovulation is when the ovaries releases the eggs,Oestrogen and Progestrone.

Vagina- 10-12cm,sperm is deposited at the top of the Vagina.

Cervix-Ring of the muscle,expands during labour.

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Puberty Boys.


-Balls Drop

-Grow Hair

-Deaper Voice


-Grow Muscle.

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Puberty Girls.


-Grow *****.


-Grow Hair


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Making A Baby

Sexual Intercourse- Its an activity when a man inserts his penis into the womans vagina and causes pregnancy unless contraception is used.

Fertilisation- When sexual intercourse takes place and the mans sperm breaks through the first layer of the ova (Egg).

Conception- When an embryo is formed/ when the egg splits which can go on for 3-4 days after sex.

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A descciption of the family types would make this resourse more useful

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Agreed x

jennie starr


Agreed x

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Lol balls drop....scrotum drops!

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