Areas of development

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  • Areas of Development
    • What are the four areas of development?
      • Physical
        • Fine motor skills
        • Gross motor skills
      • Intellectual
        • Language
        • Concepts
      • Emotional
      • Social
    • Will a child's development be affected if they don't have a PIES.
      • Yes it will be affected.
    • How do you help a child's  development?
      • Providing toys
      • Love
      • Care/safe
      • Socialising
      • Keeping them clean
      • Communication skills
      • Praise
      • Warmth
      • Food/water
    • How does social skills help a child?
      • Socialization lets children fit in with people who they live with and around them
      • How does socializing help children
        • Respect ideas
        • Making friends
        • Sharing and taking turns
        • Cooperating
        • Understanding Rules
      • What is physical Development?
        • Physical development can be sensory development and motor development
          • What is sensory development?
            • Relates to sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell.
          • What is motor development?
            • Relates to the body
          • What are gross motor skills?
            • They are the use and control of large muscles
          • What are fine motor skills
            • they are the control and use of hands and fingers
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