Charles 1 Character

Divine Right- believer in divine right of kings ( put into practise )

Criticism - all criticism, discussior as being potentially treacherous and regarded anyone who questioned his actions as being disloyal.

Communiction skills - poor communicator, speeches in parliament brief, would allow no argument to his statement of is views.

Henrietta Maria - Shy and tended to have a small circle of friends, Charles was deeply attached to buckingham until his assassination in 1628 which resulted in him turning his attention to his wife who had a strong influence over Charles. She had no time for parliament and monarchs could not interfer with the king.

Religious views - favoured high church group within the church of England which stressed the divine nature of the monarch form of popery of roman catholism taking over the protestant church of England, undermining it from within

Foreign policy - Charles' aims , attempted to set up an anti- spanish 'front' to force the hapsburgs to restore the palatinate to Charles' brother-in-law

Alliance with Denmark , exchange financial support from England, attack the catholic Hapsburg in North Germany.

English Army of 6,000 men to be provided for the German protestant mercenary commander

Sea war against Spain, try to cut of supplies of gold and silver from South America

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