Chapter 6-10 (Northanger Abbey)


Character interactions (comparison)

As a reader, how do a characters interactions with others develop our understanding of them?

  • Offred
    • Relationships are restricted so takes any opportunity for social interaction that she can.
  • Janie
    • Nanny/ Joe both limit her interactions.
    • Takes the opportunity to talk with everyone in the Everglades
  • Catherine
    • Strict social etiquette

All characters are presented as having restrictions

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Concept of Intemediary characters

Concept: Intermediary characters develop our understanding of a character and relationships

Intermediary- a person who acts as a link between people in order to try and bring about an agreement 

John Thorpe:

  • Risk taker
    • Abducts Catherine
  • He is a liar, which means he is not principled
  • Very rude
  • Knowledgeable because he studied at Oxford University

Isabella Thorpe:

  • Not very principled
  • Knows how to get what she wants
  • Good communicator

Mrs Allen

  • Very caring towards Catherine
  • Good communication when talking about every single thing that comes into her brain
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