Chapter 25-29 (NA)


Key Decisions

Key Decisions in Northanger Abbey:

  • Catherine traces her problems back to the Gothic Literature she read and decides that it was  bad influence on her
  • The Allen's decisions to take Catherine to Bath
  • Catherine goes to Northanger Abbey
  • How she handles her feelings about Henry
  • Spending more time with Isabella
  • John Thorpe's decision to exaggerate about Catherine's wealth
  • Catherine's decision to read
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General Tilney's Decision (Chapter 28)

General Tilney's Decision 

  • He decides to send Catherine away
  • Eleanor has come to inform Catherine that the General has remembered an engagement and that Catherine has to leave immediately. And she means really immediately; the General is insisting that Catherine should go first thing in the morning and he won't even supply transportation for her.
  • Catherine is horrified and can't figure out what she did to make the General throw her out.
  • Catherine is appalled by how rude the General is being and is devastated about having to leave Henry

Possible reasons for his actions:
- Catherine accuses him of being a murderer

  • Possibly in love with Catherine
  • Fed up with Catherine snooping around
  • May of heard a rumour about Catherine
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