Chapter 10-14 (Their Eyes were watching God)


Characterisation of Tea Cake in Chapter 10

"Good evenin', Mis' Starks', he said with a sly grin as if they had a good joke together. She was in favor of the story that was making him laugh before she even heard it."

"People wouldn't know me lak dey would you"

  • Have developed a good relationship
  • Speaks in a very polite manner
  • Light hearted and relaxed
  • Immediate Connection
  • Charming
  • Conversation is very flirty and it flows
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Comparison to Joe and Logan

"You don't cherish the game, then?"

"Yes, Ah do, and then agin Ah don't know whether Ah do or not, 'cause nobody ain't never showed me how"

"Dis is de last day for dat excuse. You got uh board round heah"

  • Established a very equal relationship
  • Tea cake is willing to teach Janie something that she doesn't know, so she understands it just as much as he does

"Now ain't you somethin'! Mr er - er - You never did tell me whut yo' name wuz"

"Ah sho didn't. Wuzn't expectin' fuh it to be needed. De name mah mama gimme is Vergible Woods. Dey calls me Tea Cake for short"

  • Didn't want his name to be revealed to Janie, as he feels that it isn't necessary
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