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Arguments for CCTV

  • It plays a necessary role in combatting terrorism, drug trafficking and illegal immigration
  • It allows police to intervene more quicly and effectively in acts of violence
  • CCTV protects business owners because it limits people from trying to break in
  • CCTV can identify criminals when there is little other evidence
  • CCTV can also be used to catch people breaking road laws
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Arguments against CCTV

  • People feel they are over-monitored - in Great Britain there 14 cameras for each person
  • CCTV doesn't prevent crimes from happening
  • CCTV is very expensive - in 2003 the CCTV market was worth between 250 and 500 million euros
  • People may commit crimes in places where CCTV isn't in place
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All those arguments are too positive to be real. I mean, yes, these are the ways how CCTVs should work. But in reality, there are lots of issues with them. For example, they are used by the government to follow people. It goes against the law. Secondly, criminals know a lot of ways how to prevent recognition. CCTV systems work great with a professional security system like Ajax. They can be useful both in homes and offices. I suppose special CCTVs should be created to catch criminals.

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