Death Penalty

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Arguments for the Death Penalty

  • There is nothing more effective than the death penalty - that person can never commit a crime again
  • The death penalty disuades people from committing crimes when there is a chance of facing the death penalty
  • The death penalty is only for those who commit serious crimes, for example murder
  • The death penalty provides some closure for the families of the victims
  • Execution is cheaper than the convicted being in prison
  • In countries where they have the death penalty, it is very popular
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Arguments against the Death Penalty

  • The death penalty rejects the chance of rehabilitation for a criminal
  • The death penalty has serious psychological impacts on those who are witness to it
  • The death penalty is just as disuasive as life in prison
  • The death penalty is irreversible - it doesn't offer the individual a second chance
  • Mental illnesses which are often present within those who commit srious crimes are treatable, and doesn't merit death
  • You can't fight violence with violence
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